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We are a family-owned business that has been in operation for over 17 years. Our team provides exceptional customer service and ensures that you and your family are safe and comfortable with your electrical components. Contact us for any electrical enquiries.

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Benefits of Hiring a Residential Electrician in Wellington

Electricians are essential people in society. Without them, we wouldn't be able to operate machinery in a commercial setting or have access to hot water and the television at home. If you come across any faults in your home, it's advisable to call an electrician that is nearby. As a result, they travel to you faster and address the situation quickly in the case of an emergency.

  • Working with electricity is dangerous; hence professional electricians study their craft for years. A trained electrician is aware of how to handle electrical faults, thus protecting you and your family. As a result of their knowledge and experience, they troubleshoot problems without issue and provide you with solid advice.
  • Getting your repairs done by a certified professional gives you and your family peace of mind. Electricity is not to be messed with and can literally blow up in your face if addressed by an unqualified individual. Apart from the quick time to diagnose the fault, an experienced electrician repairs the issue in no time, leaving you operating as usual.
  • The advice from electricians is priceless. They save you future hurt and expenses by providing you with the best electrical practices within a home. Professionals are aware of the safety guidelines and procedures, thus preventing you from overloading a circuit and causing bigger issues. Your wiring plays a huge role in the function of electricity, and it is a complicated job to have the home rewired. However, it is a necessity as old wires are a hazard and cause fires or can damage your appliances. Thankfully, an electrician is equipped and experienced in dealing with keeping your home's wires up to date.

Electrical Services

If you home is older than the 1960s it would pay to get the wiring inspected.

Voltage Electrical can keep you and your family warm and healthy.

From installing TVs and speakers to a full home theatre experience.

New power points are one of our most common electrical requests.

Request our technician for an assessment of what is wrong with your oven.

Already have your electrical plan sorted? Email it through and request a price.

We Provide to Hot Water Cylinder Repair in Wellington

We are an electrical company that focuses on the quality of our work. As such, we are covered for public liability, which allows us to work in huge buildings or little homes. When there's a power outage in Wellington, we provide prompt and reliable service.

  • Houses built before the 1960s are advised to have an inspection conducted and consider house rewiring in Wellington. A routine check may reveal that it's an area that requires an upgrade. Older wiring insulated with rubber and cloth are the types that need an update due to their ability to break and cause fires. Some insurance companies may not insure a home if the wiring is too old.
  • The modern household has three times more appliances than in previous decades, hence the need for more power outlets. One per room isn't enough anymore. However, new installations require an RCD, which protects you in the event of a fault, turning off the power immediately. There is a cost associated with it, so consult us before deciding.
  • One of the common issues that electricians are called out for are oven repairs in Wellington. Our technicians will investigate and provide you with a quotation to repair your oven. Often, an oven is repairable for a fraction of the cost of a new one.
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