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Heating & Ventilation

Living comfortably is having the right ventilation and heating for your home, especially when it endures Wellington’s famous winds!

Voltage Electrical can keep you and your family warm and healthy.

We install heat pumps, underfloor heating, towel rails, heated mirrors, extract fans , gas fireplaces, air conditioning and heat transfer kits, as well as carry out repairs on existing home ventilation and heating systems.

Contact us for an appraisal on the best heating and ventilation for your property.

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DVS Positive Pressure Systems & Heat Transfer

After years in the industry we have seen many home ventilation systems.

After reviewing them all we recommend the SmartVent and we are not the only ones - independent research shows 8 out of 10 New Zealand electricians choose SmartVent for home ventilation. It’s an intelligent tablet-based system that lets you control your home’s internal climate.

Heat transfer systems are our most popular ventilation item - this system creates a uniform heat around the house rather than being confined to only one warm room.


Heat Pumps

It is very important to get your heat pump sized correctly to your home so as not to waste energy.

As an option install a heat transfer system along with the heat pump to shift the air into those colder, harder to heat areas.

Voltage Electrical supply and install higher-end heat pumps with technical features, as well as a range of lower cost models for the budget-oriented or tenanted properties.

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We Stock a Range of Heat Pumps in Wellington

When you think of home, you think comfort. Hence, you should consider one of our heat pumps in Wellington to protect you from the nasty cold winds that bash our coastline. The size and type of heat pump you choose must be appropriate, so you don't waste energy. Voltage Electrical Ltd supplies high-end heat pumps with technical features as well as lower-end models for those on a budget or installing it for their tenants.

Benefits of Heat Pump Installation in Wellington

The popularity of heat pumps has soared in the last decade due to its environmental and financial benefits. They help warm up spaces in your home through radiators or underfloor heating systems.

  • Heat pumps aren't burning anything to generate heat. They are environmentally-friendly due to the fact they produce no harmful smoke or fumes. Furthermore, they protect the cleanliness of the air around you through circulating the air in your home while removing nasty elements such as dust, moulds, and spores. Heat pumps contain filters that purify the air, which is excellent for people with respiratory problems.
  • Heat pumps provide the most cost-effective form of electrical heating. To achieve 2.5-kilowatts of heat, the pumps use less than one kilowatt of electricity. Conversely, the traditional heating systems require one kilowatt of electricity to generate one kilowatt of heat. As a result, heat pumps prove they're more affordable and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • As a result of their efficiency, installing heat pumps will save you money. Although the initial outlay for the installation is relatively high compared to a conventional system, over the years, you will recoup that money and save on future fuel bills.
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What to Expect from Voltage Electrical Ltd Regarding Fujitsu Heat Pumps in Wellington

We stock all reputable brands of heat pumps including Mitsubishi heat pumps in Wellington. As we strive to become a leader and preferred provider in the industry, our association with these reliable brands enhances our reputation. However, our services don't stop at heat pumps.

  • We are qualified and equipped to assist in commercial electricity. If you're looking for regular electrical maintenance, our team develops a package suited to your requirements. Perhaps you're starting a new project such as a retail store, office, or factory and need your electrical systems serviced. We'll send out our professional team to assist you. Emergency lighting in commercial spaces must be reviewed every six months, which we'll gladly undertake.
  • Much of the world is moving towards solar energy. We're already operating in that sector to assist you in harnessing the sun's rays for electricity. You can rely on us to install the latest Micro Inverter technology to ensure you get maximum output from your solar panels.
  • With the advent of modern technology, you can get lost amongst the techno-jargon thrown around. We'll assist in installing the latest audio-visual components in your entertainment area. We advise you according to your requirements, supply, and install audio-visual equipment.
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